Businesses are expanding like wildfire. The digitalisation has completely changed how the businesses operated. Myriad of businesses are shifting to digital solution to continue growing and get new business opportunities. Traditional systems are now getting replaced with more advanced digital systems that are proven to be quicker.

Digital systems like e-tendering has replaced the traditional tendering system which were slower and cumbersome. E-tendering facilitates bids for tender online on B2B Sangam. Tenders can be put online, and e-bidders can bid on it. This makes the complete process of bidding seamless.

E-tendering gives all bidder equal chances to bid without sabotaging their chance to bid. Every bidder, be it big or small can bid on B2B e-tendering platform. Fair and square winner of bidding can be selected without compromising the ethical values by cheating or misleading.


How E-tendering works?

Rapid expansion of businesses and shifting to digital means has given rise to a system of E-tendering.

E-tendering is a system where bidders can bid for tenders on internet using B2B Sangam online portal. E-tendering system maintains complete transparency and allows all types of bidders to bid on the tender.

B2B Sangam’s e-tendering platform can be used to put bids on tenders belonging to various categories.

How can I participate in E-tendering?

To participate in e-tendering on B2B Sangam, user must be registered on B2B Sangam.

Post registration or logging in on B2B Sangam, user must proceed to B2B Sangam’s e-tendering window or page. On e-tendering page, there will be a list of on-going tender.

Users must select the proper tender from the list of e-tenders according to category, and put bid through online portal on B2B Sangam.

after E-tendering

What happens after E-tendering?

After the deadline or time limit of e-tender completes, the system will analyse all the bids put on e-tender.

System will sort out a winner from bidders based on various details and bid amount.

Both buyers and sellers can contact each other and negotiate transportation and various other terms based on their convenience.

B2B Sangam does not intervene in post auction or tendering processes.

Advantages of e-tendering

Transparency is maintained right from publishing of advertisement to bidding process.

Fairy competition for all the bidders, eliminating big players bullying small traders.

E-tendering online platform eases the process of shortlisting bidders on basis of quotes and profiles.

E-tendering online platform eliminates the geographical boundaries and operates on global spectrum.

benefits of e-tendering

Benefits of e-tendering

Easier bidding process that is completely digital and online.

Shorten the duration of tendering and bidding process.

Efficient and effective way to collect bids and sort them out.

Improves the quality of tender specification.

Reduction is paper trail and piles of paper, reduces cost and expense.

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