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B2B Sangam is the largest B2B marketplace for buying and selling commodities facilitated by Lighthouse Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur. On B2B Sangam, we believe in connecting the right buyers to the right sellers and vice-versa. It is our goal to connect buyers and sellers conveniently. B2B Sangam has one of the largest exporter and importers directory. Only genuine buyers and sellers are listed on B2B Sangam. Multiple manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesaler, traders, and service providers get maximum exposure on B2B Sangam. B2B Sangam is trusted among all the traders and dealers, making our record impeccable. When excellence is coupled with unblemished record, consumers get B2B Sangam.

  • Get more and consecutive orders
  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Improve Transparency with Data security in eBuying
  • Supplier Management Made Simple with Software

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist Buyers by empowering them to control their business with our automated tools of Reverse Auction, e-Procurement, RFQ generation or e-Tendering, e-Listing kind of Online system to keep the procurement transparent and cost-effective, simultaneously strengthening up Sellers with the same tool of Forward e-Auctions via online software and allows to participate in online bid or speedup supply chain or fast liquidation of dump material by developing better business relation with actual corporate or industrial business houses.

Our Vision

To Develop an exemplary Online Global Market Place that can be capitalized by all our potential clients, corporates, or Business Organizations for their day-to-day business needs and make their buying & selling transparent, enabling genuine cost at all small as well as large scale market that spans across the globe with robust security and absolute integrity.

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