Ever since technology has emphasized its importance in every sector, organizations are constantly searching for ways to implement modern technology in the business to augment their sales and keep up with the growing competition. Logistics is one such sector where technology can be proven very useful.

Logistics is the process of managing the flow of goods in the supply chain and is the backbone of the manufacturing industry. E-logistics is the same but performed through an online platform. Since there’s been a rapid increase in demand for transportation of finished goods or raw material, companies aspire to implement modern technology to streamline all the management processes and align the supply chain according to the needs of the client organization. B2B Sangam, an Online Marketplace, assists businesses in tracking and managing freight through an integrated online platform and provides better insights over the supply chain.

B2B Sangam provides access to b2b transportation services for all kinds of Industrial or Corporate utility, connects multiple buyers and suppliers with logistics partners directly through an online platform and facilitates in terms of availability & hiring between businesses. It enables both the large and small scale businesses to meet the right logistics partners and vice versa. Its advanced technology empowers the users to expand their network among genuine buyers and sellers and stimulates their growth.


Why do you need B2B Sangam Portal?

The way we have defined the system, getting lots of buyers & suppliers from different locations on a pan India basis is now much easier through the b2b portal. It enhances your presence and increases the chances of getting hired.

Our integrated software facilitates the supply chain by identifying the gaps and gives the best solutions for optimizing the logistics task.

It eases renting out of your trucks and lorries.

How to get started with B2B Sangam?

Register yourself on www.b2bsangam.com as a buyer, seller or transporter.

After registering into B2B Sangam, it allows its users to enter the dashboard for getting an approach to traders who have already registered themselves on the platform.

The server grants sellers to discover various buyers and logistics companies to trade and supply their goods.

For buyers, it works like an e-commerce platform for searching and meeting genuine suppliers.

Transportation and logistics companies can take advantage by lending out their transportation services through the b2b portal.

after e-logistics

Benefits of using B2B Sangam Portal

Gain expertise to expand the reach in the new markets, nationally & extend its reach to new customers to build brand recognition.

Increase customer satisfaction with real-time tracking and timely deliveries.

Rule out the need to invest in transportation and storage management.

Utilize resources and gain the flexibility to adapt to ever-evolving business needs.

As it is integrated with Lighthouse ERP, all the information gets updated in real-time, seamlessly.

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