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Dashboard for viewing pending/ processed Purchase Requisitions, Published RFQs, Quotation Comparison and Activity notification.


Facility to create and release RFQ quick, fast and easy. Incomplete Requisition, RFQ etc. can be saved as draft for completion in future.

Process Integration

Process integration capability from Purchase Requisition to Material Receipt. Workflow definition available in Multi User environment.


Provision to define item specification in structured format for easy communication & comparison.

Release RFQ based on Vendor Rating Location Ownership Type or Preferred Vendor. Set RFQ Release Date, Quotation Submission Date, Last Date for Bid Submission and Quotation Validity Date.

Total Landed Cost computation and comparison enables best TCO to purchaser. Comparison of cost among all the quotation received makes it easy for the purchaser to finalize the terms related to payment and delivery of the ordered product.

B2B Sangam supports an organization to establish a situation in which every supplier has a fair and equal chance of succeeding. Providing fair chance and competitive platform adds an obligation for suppliers to provide products and services at a affordable price.

Building blocks for B2B Sangam

Building blocks for B2B Sangam

Personalized facility for approaching multiple vendors.

Structured and real time procurement related communication specific to a purchase requirement in a purchase cycle.

Versatile platform for conducting simple store purchases to complex capital or voluminous raw material purchases. Moreover, the platform also includes procurement of services including freight.

E-Procurement support

E-Procurement can support an organization to ensure procurement compliance

Increased dealing with preferred suppliers.

Reduction in, in-direct cost caused due to un-organized contract.

Reduction in processing manual errors.

B2B Solution Procurement Staff

With our B2B Solution Procurement Staff can focus on

Strategic purchase by improving existing contract and building new supplier relationships.

Focus on supporting priority or critical purchases.

Dynamic Quotation Comparison

Dynamic Quotation Comparison feature makes it easy for the purchaser to decide a supplier, as all the quotations received from the suppliers can be compaired on same window. A remarkable depletion can be observed in purchase lead time. Gross improvement in Purchase Lead Time ensures availability of product on time.

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