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What is Lighthouse B2B Sangam?

Lighthouse B2B Sangam is a portal where users can buy or sell services and products of Industrial nature. The portal primarily operates on an auction methodology where multiple parties bid to tenders floated on the portal.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2016.

Who Buys and Sells on Lighthouse B2B Sangam?

Buyers and sellers throughout the india use the marketplace including businesses, corporations, universities, public organisations and equipment dealers.

Who is the clients?

CLIENTS : Users or Companies who for their own business float tenders, collect offers, create and conduct auctions on Lighthouse B2B Sangam.

Who is a vendor?

VENDORS: Companies who respond to the tenders with offers. The Vendors then participate in the auction floated by the Clients to get the order on Lighthouse B2B Sangam.

Whom to contact for help?

For any help, you should contact at email ID support@lighthouseindia.com

Do I have to register?

Searching the equipment listings and making initial enquiries on Lighthouse B2B Sangam. doesn't require registration. However, if you want to continue to communicate with a seller after you initial enquiry you will need to create a login. We will prompt you to do this when you receive a message from a seller.

How can I narrow my search?

On each equipment category page you will see a list of sub-categories. Click on any of the links to dig down to the most relevant category. You will also see a list of the most prominent equipment brands on the left of the page.

I've forgotten my password, what can I do?

Simply click here and enter the email address you used during registration. We will forward your password to you

How do I contact the seller of a piece of equipment I’m interested in?

Each For Sale listing has an “Ask the Seller a Question” button. Click the button and fill in the form to ask any the seller any questions about the equipment. We will forward your enquiry to the seller for reply.

How will I receive the seller’s response?

As soon as the seller replies to your enquiry we will send you an email notification. The email will contain a link to the Your Messages dashboard on Lighthouse B2B Sangam. where you can read and reply to the seller’s message and open any attachments.

Can I just accept the listed price and buy it straight away?

We can’t guarantee availability of the equipment listed so you will need to first ask the seller if the piece of equipment is still available for sale. If it is, simply click the “Buy it Now” link in your email notification or on the Your Message page and complete the form. We will email the seller and check that they are happy to go ahead with the sale and then email you with a link to a Transaction Summary page.

What do you define as a business day?

A business day is a India business day i.e. Monday to Friday, but excluding public holidays.

How much equipment can I list?

As much as you like. There are no limits on the amount of equipment you can list on Kitmondo. See the Listings section to learn more about listing your equipment.

How do I add a photo to my profile?

People buy from people so adding a profile photo will increase the number of enquiries you receive. To add you photo, simply click On My Profile, then click Update Button. Under Upload Avatar, click Select File and upload your chosen image.

How will potential buyers contact me?

Buyers will contact you using the "Ask the Seller a Question” feature displayed on each of your equipment listings. You will receive an email notification from us when you have a buyer enquiry.

How do I communicate with a potential buyer?

All your messages and enquiries from buyers are available in the Your Messages pages on portal. We’ll send you an email notification every time you receive a message - simply login to read the message and to send your reply.

How do I sell equipment on Lighthouse B2B Sangam?

When buyers are interested in your equipment they will use the "Make an Offer" feature to get the ball rolling. We'll email you when you have an offer - then it's up to you if you want to accept the deal.